Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Holy Grail Beauty Products

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while because beauty posts are always so fun to shoot! I wanted to show you guys products I continue to buy repeatedly and consider "holy grail" products in my beauty routine. Some of these products I have been using since middle school and I still love them just as much. 

I am going to give you the run down on these products and why I feel like I will use them my entire life. (Not dramatic at all)

Moroccanoil products are liiiiiiiife. I have been using the hair oil since seriously middle school and I feel like I can't even do my hair with out it. Every single product they make is amazing and makes your hair feel so damn good. I use this hair mask once or twice a week -- Sunday's are usually my hair and face mask day -- and it makes my hair feel so healthy. This mousse is perfect for my super fine hair. I am always looking to add texture and body to my hair because it is so naturally straight.

I rely on this highlighter for every makeup look, whether it's natural for class or for blog pictures. This is my third tube of this lip. It is 'midi' by Colourpop. I wear it in pretty much all my blog photos usually with a matte gloss over it. 
I could talk about this mascara for days because I am such a believer in it. I have pretty long lashes naturally and thanks to this serum so I love how thick and plush this mascara makes my lashes look. I have tried so many mascaras, but I ALWAYS go back to this one. 

Like I said earlier, I always have to work to add texture to my hair because it is so fine and straight. This dry shampoo is perfect for second day waves or messy pony tails. I love this hairspray for also adding texture and volume with out being too heavy.

This Rodan + Fields face wash is another product I have been using for years (seriously like almost 6 years). I struggle with break outs here and there, but thank goodness for Rodan + Fields unblemish regimen or I would be a mess. Naturally I am extremely fair skinned. Like most people I prefer to be tan so cue the fake tanner. I use this year round, even in the summer because it's impossible for me to get tan! 

Let me know if you try any of these products and what your 'holy grail products' are!

Thanks for reading, xx Brianna


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