Monday, February 20, 2017

Tee + Jeans & Why I Went To a Women's College

Tee (similar & on sale!) | Jeans (here, here, gray version here) | Booties (my faves) | Hat | Bag

I am so into comfy and casual tees lately and this one is 10x as good because 'girl tribe.' Obsessed. I just got this hat and I already want to wear it like every day. It seems super high quality but doesn't make your wallet cry and it's on sale right now! 

I thought this tee was perfect and fitting considering I go to a women's college. 

Like most people, you're probably wondering why? Stephens College is in Columbia, Missouri (aka. College Town USA) right next to University of Missouri. So the next commonly asked question is why not Mizzou? Mizzou is great and I have so many friends that go there, but really the only thing Mizzou and Stephens have in common is location. I went to a co-ed high school and would have never associated myself with the word "feminist." I never even considered what a classroom would be like minus all the boys. When I officially decided to attend Stephens I was so excited! It was the school of my dreams and perfect for me. I was so confident about my decision that I didn't even look or apply at another school. Now I am a junior and coming to Stephens was honestly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The environment at Stephens is something I had never experienced before because of its uniqueness. We are our own 'girl tribe' of supportive, confident, and empowering women. We challenge and encourage each other all at once. We are fierce, smart, and powerful. People like to think that women's colleges don't prepare you for the real world, a world dominated by men in leadership positions. But I think the complete opposite. At Stephens, we are given the tools and resources to build up not just our resumes, but our confidence and leadership skills. Stephens has given me the confidence I need to be an assertive and qualified boss babe. I love my Stephens College girl tribe. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

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