Wednesday, February 15, 2017

High Pony

My hair is getting so long and my favorite hair styles lately have been a high ponytail and double dutch braids. I haven't had long hair since freshman year of college and it's definitely a nice change. I want to put some blonde in it soon for spring and summer. I'd love to go super blonde, but not sure that I should go there again.

This top is super on sale from Forever 21 and looks more high-end than it actually is. I've been finding lots of super chic things from there lately. I just placed another small order so I will link that stuff below as well. The thing about Forever 21 is that sometimes I have to hunt for a while before I can place an order, but most of my closet is from there if we are being honest. I like to buy tops from there and spend more money on jeans/shoes/accessories. I think this is the best way to build your closet and add in the occasional "splurge top."
I'd love to do a full blog post about my shopping tips sometime soon!

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

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