Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Simple Tee + High Rise Denim

I have gone on and on about my light wash jeans (seen on the blog here and here recently). These gray ones are the same style and I want them in another color! I always thought I liked my jeans with lots of stretch because they are more comfortable that way, but turns out jeans with less stretch are so much better! They are a little less comfortable but feel so much more flattering and really hold everything in 😂.   I used to pretty much only wear black jeans, but now I am loving all the lighter denim and gray that is popular. I have my eye on a pair of these right now especially the darker wash.
This little tee is under $10 and I think will be a perfect casual transition top for spring. Sometimes the super simple outfits are my favorite. Adding the right shoes and accessories to any simple look can really make it interesting. I absolutely love these Matisse boots and I think these would also be great to wear in the summer with shorts, dresses, and rompers.

Thanks for reading!! xo Brianna

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Satin Tie Neck + Shopping Tips

I am definitely going to be transitioning my satin pieces into the spring with light wash jeans and booties. I think I could even wear this top with some cutoffs. This top is from Forever 21, but I think it's super unique and looks higher quality. I tend to get a lot of my tops from less expensive brands such as Forever 21 and invest more in things like jeans, accessories, and shoes. The past year or so,  I have become way smarter of a shopper. I rarely buy things full price and when I do I have to really love it. I also think my style has changed a bit the past year and I am buying things that I really LOVE versus just buying stuff to have new clothes. Here are some of the shopping tips I try to remember when adding pieces to my closet.

1) Make sure it fits properly.

We have all done this. Bought something because we are in love with it, only to let it sit in your closet because it's not actually the right size? I am guilty of this! Make sure your clothing fits you and is flattering to your body type or chances are you aren't going to wear it and it was really just a waste of money.

2) Spend more on the things that will last.

I have learned my lesson big time here. Don't get cheap with shoes, bags, jeans, or jewelry because chances are it won't last. I'm not gonna lie and say I never buy cheap stuff, but I tend to spend more on these items and less on trendier tops or the occasional dress. It's good to have a variety of items in your closet, which I think means mixing inexpensive with expensive to create a look.

3) Shop the sale racks.

I can't tell you how many times I have had my eye on something and almost pulled the trigger on it while its full price only for it to go on sale. I rarely buy things full price because of this. Places like Revolve, Nordstrom, and Shopbop always have really good sale sections with some really good deals on bigger designers.

4) When buying something, consider items already in your closet.

Do you really need another black top? (Me always). Do you have stuff that you can wear it with? If you can only wear it one or two times, it's not worth putting in your closet.

5) Want new stuff, but have no money?

POSHMARK is liiiiife. I am constantly selling my old stuff to buy new. It's a great way to clean our your closet and have the funds to add some new pieces to your wardrobe without feeling so guilty.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Tee + Jeans & Why I Went To a Women's College

Tee (similar & on sale!) | Jeans (here, here, gray version here) | Booties (my faves) | Hat | Bag

I am so into comfy and casual tees lately and this one is 10x as good because 'girl tribe.' Obsessed. I just got this hat and I already want to wear it like every day. It seems super high quality but doesn't make your wallet cry and it's on sale right now! 

I thought this tee was perfect and fitting considering I go to a women's college. 

Like most people, you're probably wondering why? Stephens College is in Columbia, Missouri (aka. College Town USA) right next to University of Missouri. So the next commonly asked question is why not Mizzou? Mizzou is great and I have so many friends that go there, but really the only thing Mizzou and Stephens have in common is location. I went to a co-ed high school and would have never associated myself with the word "feminist." I never even considered what a classroom would be like minus all the boys. When I officially decided to attend Stephens I was so excited! It was the school of my dreams and perfect for me. I was so confident about my decision that I didn't even look or apply at another school. Now I am a junior and coming to Stephens was honestly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The environment at Stephens is something I had never experienced before because of its uniqueness. We are our own 'girl tribe' of supportive, confident, and empowering women. We challenge and encourage each other all at once. We are fierce, smart, and powerful. People like to think that women's colleges don't prepare you for the real world, a world dominated by men in leadership positions. But I think the complete opposite. At Stephens, we are given the tools and resources to build up not just our resumes, but our confidence and leadership skills. Stephens has given me the confidence I need to be an assertive and qualified boss babe. I love my Stephens College girl tribe. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Wishlist

Is it just me or is everyone else shopping like crazy right now for spring?! I have had zero self-control lately (oops, sorry bank account). These are some pieces I have had my eye on that I think would be great transition pieces. In particular, these sunnies, skirt, and heels. Allllll the heart eyes... for real. I also have been crushing so hard on this bag. I will probably pull the trigger on it because I seriously can't stop thinking about it! I already ordered this hat and I am super excited to style it. I surprisingly don't have any hats, but I think they can really make an outfit so fingers crossed I like this one. PS. it was almost 50% off!  What are you crushing on this spring?

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

High Pony

My hair is getting so long and my favorite hair styles lately have been a high ponytail and double dutch braids. I haven't had long hair since freshman year of college and it's definitely a nice change. I want to put some blonde in it soon for spring and summer. I'd love to go super blonde, but not sure that I should go there again.

This top is super on sale from Forever 21 and looks more high-end than it actually is. I've been finding lots of super chic things from there lately. I just placed another small order so I will link that stuff below as well. The thing about Forever 21 is that sometimes I have to hunt for a while before I can place an order, but most of my closet is from there if we are being honest. I like to buy tops from there and spend more money on jeans/shoes/accessories. I think this is the best way to build your closet and add in the occasional "splurge top."
I'd love to do a full blog post about my shopping tips sometime soon!

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

Monday, February 13, 2017

Satin Cami

Cami (under $10!) | Jeans | Boots | Necklace | Bag

Happy Monday bbys! I can't believe February is already half way over. Anyone else feeling the same way?! 
I don't know about you guys, but I don't have much planned for Valentine's Day this year. I bet Matt and I will go to taco Tuesday or something casual (LOL). I think an all black look is always an appropriate option and seems to be my go-to. Whether I have a presentation or I am grabbing dinner with the girls. I think this satin cami outfit would be a cute & casual Valentine's look. I might even throw my faux fur pink coat over it for some added sass. 
When I shot these pictures it was somehow 75 degrees and I was sweating, but I was so thankful for a random warm day! It made me so excited for spring weather and fashion. This time of the year for me is when I start to feel pretty uninspired during the transition period between seasons.
Also, can we talk about these boots for sec?! They are giving me liiiiifeeee. I have wanted these for a while and I finally got them #noregrets. They are super comfortable and I feel like I will be able to wear them year round. Thanks for reading! xx Brianna