Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Off the Shoulder Maxi

Dress c/o | Hat | Boots (similar) | Bag (similar)

I don't usually like or wear maxi dresses, but I had been wanting a smocked off the shoulder maxi all spring! I found this one at Shein and it's under $20 (uhm helllll yes!) It's perfect length for me ( I am 5'5) and I love the slits up the front. It's super light and perfect for summer! 

I know I wear these boots pretty much every other blog post -- they are seriously my favorite boots ever and I have them in two colors -- but they have been sold out for a while now so I can never link them! I just found this pair recently that are pretty similar. I actually have these in two other colors and they are so comfy and perfect for summer. I think the white snake is amazing and if I didnt already have four pairs of snake boots I might be able to justify it ;)

Thanks for reading babes! xx Brianna

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

LBR (Little Black Romper)

My Outfit:

Jacy's Outfit
Dress | Earrings | Necklace

Photos by Jo Johnson Photography

My romper obsession continues. Honestly, you guys I sometimes hate how much I love rompers because I feel like they make up the entirety of my closet.

You already know how I feel about Mumu rompers and this one is no different. I know I could wear this for a night out this summer or to work during the day and I love the versatility. Even with how simple this romper is I already found myself thinking of so many different ways to wear it!

Currently writing this post as I am watching the season premiere of the Bachelorette. I am seriously SO excited for this season.  So I am gonna get back to watching, but shop some of my fave Mumu picks in the meantime ;)

Thanks for reading! xx Brianna

Monday, May 22, 2017

Coral Palm Romper

Romper | Bag (similar) | Y Necklace | Choker (similar) | Booties (similar)

YOU GUYS. I move to LA this Saturday!!!!!! FINALLY. I have been talking about it for literally months and I can't believe the day is finally here! As many of you know I will be interning at Show Me Your Mumu. I am so crazy excited to start this new adventure.

Moving on to my outfit... This romper by Show Me Your Mumu is one of my favorite prints to date. The color is amazing (and makes you look so tan) and the body of the romper is super flattering. I loved styling it with booties and layered necklaces for a more casual vibe. I just got this adorable little wrap top that I can't wait to style.

Anyway bbys, thanks for reading! xo Brianna

Friday, May 19, 2017

Healthy Brunch

If you saw my Instagram story a few weeks ago, you probably saw Jacy and I being the cutest friends ever and making this deliciously healthy brunch. I will be completely honest with you guys and just admit I am not always the healthiest eater (oops). I pretty much love all food though and might be the least picky eater ever so I do LIKE healthy stuff (when I have to the energy to make it). Everything we made was pretty easy to make and honestly soooo good (like I just went somewhere and accidentally spent $40 on brunch good if ya know what I mean). I am such a sucker for breakfast food. Matt and I go to a diner every weekend when we are at school. We are basically a 60-year-old couple. These recipes were just too good not to share with you guys and not to mention, easy! Anywayyy... on to what you're really here for... THE RECIPES!

French Toast:

Makes 4 servings. 
4 slices sprouted or whole wheat bread
1 egg
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or more to taste
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (or more to taste 
Mix/beat together in a shallow bowl. Dip each slice of bread and evenly soak both sides. Cook on a skillet over medium heat

Avocado Egg Toast:

Makes 2-3 pieces of toast.
2 slices sprouted or whole wheat bread toasted
2 eggs
1 avocado
Salsa of your choice
Feta cheese crumbles
Olive Oil 

Cut avocado and mash in a bowl with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. 
Scramble eggs together and cook in a buttered pan on medium heat.
Put mashed avocado then eggs on toast. Top with salsa and feta cheese!

Don't forget the mimosa's AKA the most important part of brunching! We used 'mango/orange' orange juice and it was so good! Just a little sweeter which I didn't mind one bit.

The french toast was amazing, but I am the type of person who has to have something salty with something sweet when it comes to breakfast so to me this was the perfect balance/combination. Let me know if you guys try any of these recipes! Thanks for reading bbys, xx Brianna

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Talking about Personal Style

Top (c/o Chicwish) | Sunnies | Belt | Jeans | Shoes (similar pair)

As I was looking back today on old olddddd pictures from my Instagram I was thinking about how much my 'personal style' has changed. If any of you were around from the beginning of my blog you can see how my style has evolved and changed SO much like LOL at my outfits 3 years ago. But old outfits are never something to be embarrassed about. I always say that change is growth and you have to start somewhere to begin growing.  To me personal style is being able to embrace all stages of your style even if you think it's ugly because we are all human and we change on the reg! The past 6 months or so is the happiest I have ever been with my closet and I think it's because I stopped trying to "buy for the blog" so much. I really do buy what I like and think is cute and post about it. Of course as a fashion major that influences a lot of what I like as well, but again it's PERSONAL 😂  and I think focusing on what I like and want to wear has made me even happier with my style!

Moving on to this outfit... I would call this boho chic 😂.  These jeans make me like any outfit ten times more because I am HIGH KEY obsessed with them. For a fit reference, I got my normal size 25 and they are definitely tight. The 26 definitely would have been too big though. The waist in jeans is usually is too big for me and these fit snug which I like. Also, if you get these sunnies prepare your self to feel extra AF anytime you wear them. So much diva.

Thanks for reading bbys! xx Brianna