Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blush Bell Sleeve

Top | Jeans | Necklace | Shoes (similar) | Bag

I hope your three day weekend was as refreshing as mine was! I got to take some blog pictures with my friend Jacy from Love Lenore so I am a little bit stocked up on pictures which is so nice because I won't have to try and stress myself out and take them during the school week. To be completely honest, blogging and having all of my school year responsibilities is extremely overwhelming at times, but blogging is something I love doing and even if I take breaks I always come back to it. Last year I didn't do a great job keeping up with my blog, but this year I am trying to keep posting content even if it's just one post a week! 

Moving on to my outfit. I love this top because it's conservative enough to wear to nicer occasions, but you can also pair it with black jeans and the right jewelry to make it a little edgier. I love it when pieces can go both ways because it makes your closet feel like it has more variety.

Have you added any pieces to your closet for fall yet?

Thanks for reading! xo Brianna

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