Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Salad + Lucky U Box

I'm doing something a little different on Gingham and Glam today... an easy summer salad recipe! So just a little disclaimer, I am a terrible cook, but trying to learn some easy recipes. This recipe is a video I saw on Facebook; however, when I do cook I am not the type of person to look at a recipe for measurements so I just kind of go with it and mix things together and hope it works out! LOL

Here's what you will need:

Olive Oil
Garlic Cloves
Chili Powder
Salt & Pepper

First, you are going to want to marinade your chicken. I just put olive oil, minced garlic, chili powder, a little honey, juice of one lime and let the chicken sit for about 30 minutes (wouldn't hurt to do longer, but I was starving!). While the chicken was marinating I made the salad and dressing!

This dressing is SO simple, but so good! All it is is olive oil, juice from half of a lime, salt, pepper, and a little honey. Like I said I never measure anything oops so I basically just added these together and taste tested a few times! 

For the actual salad part I used about half a heart of Romaine lettuce, a whole avocado, some onion, and grape tomato! You can always add more or less of these, whatever your preference is. I basically live on avocado during the summer so I used a whole one, but half would be plenty if you are making a salad for one person

After your chicken is done cooking, (I just cooked mine on a stove, but you could also grill it!) slice and put on your salad with the dressing.
& voila! Not only is this simple to make, but the ingredients are super simple and healthy!

So speaking of healthy eating...I just got my first Lucky U Box in the mail last week and it's adorable. Such a great idea that was created by two moms after their kids went to college. If you haven't heard of Lucky U Box, it is a care package that you can send to college students (or anyone really!). These boxes are filled with all kinds of yummy (healthy) snacks and simple items that college students like myself will find useful and fun. This box had a face mask that I already used and loved and adorable little mini cactus erasers! They even have special theme boxes like their birthday box and a greek themed box. I would love to receive one of these boxes while away at college. So go ahead and visit their website to see what it's all about for yourself and maybe pass the link along to your parents!

xo Brianna

Thanks Lucky U Box for sponsoring this post!

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