Friday, June 10, 2016

Simple Summer Tank + Braided Bun

  This summer has been so nice and relaxing so far! I have been working a good amount, but also have a lot of time to focus on my blog which I love. I don't really get to post during the school year and I really really want to to try and change that this year, especially since I am planning on getting a new camera by the end of the summer. This is the other post I got to shoot with Jacy from Love Lenore and I love how the photos turned out.

I hate how in the summer it's harder to layer with the heat and mix up your outfits, but this super lightweight jacket is a game changer. I might wear this for traveling Thursday because I always get chilly on the plane. This printed tank was the perfect thing to go under it and I also loved it with my frayed denim shorties (some of my absolute favorites this summer!). Do you guys like the choker trend as much as I do? This one I linked is a steal and makes any outfit a little edgier and more fashion forward.

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