Monday, April 18, 2016

Stephens College Fashion Show / Stephens FAQ

Stephens College hosted their 72nd annual fashion show this past Saturday. I got to not only attend the show, but I also got to be backstage with the models and attend the VIP party. The entire day I couldn't help, but be in awe the entire time. All I could think is, "Really? Students did all of this?" From the clothes, the models, hair and makeup, stage setup, everything is done by the students. It reminds me how amazing my school is. Stephens College Fashion program is ranked 13th best program in the world by Business of Fashion, London and number 1 for long term value and number 5 for the best learning experience.  Being backstage I expected utter chaos, but everyone was so calm because everything was so perfectly organized. While watching the show I couldn't help, but have a grin on my face from the pride I have in my school. 

I also wanted to include a little FAQ about Stephens in this post. I always seem to get lots of questions and here are the ones that seem to get asked a lot, whether it's someone trying to decide if they want to come here or people that walk through our campus every day and have no idea about Stephens!

What's it like going to an "all-girls school?"

Coming to Stephens has been one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for my future. Stephens is so unique in that everyone is always supporting one another, but at the same time, we are all in competition in the most positive way. It really pushes you to be the best student you can be. A common stereotype women's colleges have is that everyone is "catty," but I find it to be the complete opposite. Another stereotype women's college have is that if you go to a women's college you are sheltered and awkward and don't know how to act in front of boys. Stephens builds your confidence up in the most genuine way. It makes you feel like what you have to say really matters. You figure out what your dream is and Stephens gives you all the resources to make that a reality. 

Is it hard to meet boys?

Stephens is not only right next to Mizzou (I am talking walk about three minutes and you're on their campus), but it's also right downtown! So even if nightlife isn't your scene, you could meet someone just by going to Starbucks or chipotle downtown.

Why didn't you just go to Mizzou?

I loved the smaller school feel. Stephens was the first and only school I toured. I knew I wanted to come here almost immediately. 

Are there sororities? 

We have two great sororities -- Kappa Delta and Tri Sigma!

What exactly is fashion communication?

Honestly, this is a question that I still sometimes struggle with answering, but I think the best way to describe fashion communication is a combination of many skills that gives you experience in many different areas. From photography, to graphic design, to styling, to marketing, to advertising, to public relations, you get such a good mix that prepares you for a job after college. Personally, I love the graphic design aspect of the major and I think that is what I will continue to focus on and develop.

Lastly, what I would tell an incoming freshman....

Stephens is truly an amazing place. I could never say enough good things! 
I think the biggest piece of advice I could give any freshman going to college is be open! Talk to people. Be nice to everyone. Get involved. Remember college is completely different than highschool. Try new things. 

Thanks for reading!
xo, Bri

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