Monday, April 4, 2016

Self Tanner Routine

Many people probably don't realize that naturally I am extremely pale. Think purply translucent. Yeah, not a cute look for me. So year round I rely on self-tanner for a natural glow. I have tried SO many tanners and my absolute favorite is Flawless Darker by Fake Bake. It has bronzer so you get an instant tan and the bronzer also makes it so much easier to apply because you see right where the color is going. 

I always start my tanning routine with clean, exfoliated, and shaven skin. I apply it right when I get out of the shower so my skin is still a little bit moist making the tanner blend into my skin better. Fake Bake comes with a super easy-to-use mitt. You just spray around 3-4 spritz and start rubbing in circular motions. I usually do this for each "segment" of my body. So 3-4 sprays for my forearm, 3-4 for my upper arm etc and using more for more surface area (i.e. legs). If it's your first time using it I recommend starting off with a little and building the tan. I typically apply it three days in a row to get to the glow I am happy with, but it's different for everyone. You can also touch up throughout the week. I typically start the process over by exfoliating after a week or so or when I start to get a little patchy. 

I am by absolutely no means a self-tan expert, but I have used it for years now and I know what works best for me! Self-tanner is one of those things you can never get perfect, but the more you use it the better you become at applying it! 

What self tanners do you guys like?


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