Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Insta Recap / Update on Me

This summer has been one of the busiest summers yet (don't they all they seem this way?). I have never done an 'Instagram Roundup', so I thought I would try it and also give you guys a little update on my life!

This picture was taken in Destin, FL when we were on vacation. I have to say this drink would have been just as yummy in a normal cup, but let's be honest the pineapple made it insta worthy. This drink is simply pina colada mix with coconut rum blended together with ice. SO good. I also love pina coladas with cherry rum which is surprisingly so good.

I have Rocksbox to thank for my amazing jewelry box. Before Rocksbox I only had a few nice things I would wear and now I feel like I have a complete jewelry wardrobe! If you haven't already tried Rocksbox you seriously need to!! You can use my code 'briannaxoxo1' to sign up for a free month ($19 value). They will still ask for your credit card info, but if you decide you don't want to continue your subscription you can cancel anytime you want!!

A clean room is one of those things that I will always love. In college I couldn't do anything if my room wasn't clean and my bed wasn't made. I always worked from my bed and I couldn't stand working on an unmade bed. This year I will be living in an apartment with three friends and I am so excited. I want my room to feel more like a room and less like a dorm. I think I am pretty much going to take everything you see in this picture (minus the furniture) because I love my bedding and it will definitely make college feel more like home. I have been buying things throughout the summer to add as well. Like a fur rug to put on the end of my bed and the fur pillow pictured (both from Marshalls).

Love this dress from Asos. I had never really shopped there before and they have so many cute items! I haven't gotten to wear this beauty yet, but instagram/blog pictures will be up when I do!

I still can't believe that I move back in NEXT WEEKEND! Like where the heck did summer go?! It is so bittersweet. I am so excited to be back in Columbia, but sad to be leaving home too! My little brother is going to Mizzou this fall (right next to my school!) so I am excited to have him there with me. I already know we will have a ton of fun! 

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