Friday, May 29, 2015

How I Style My New hair

I recently chopped my hair off and I LOVE it! One of the main reasons I was hesitant and didn't do it sooner was because I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to style it as easy and that I couldn't go with out styling it! Well, I was wrong because I think it is easier to style and because it's not super short I could let it air dry and it would look fine. I went with a blunt cut and I love the result. I don't what it is about it, but I almost feel like I have thicker hair! Anyway... here's how I have been styling my hair for everyday! Enjoy and all the products and styling tools are linked below! I couldn't link my exact straightener, but you can find it here.
I start out with shampooing and conditioning my hair with the Organix products above. After I shower and towel dry my hair I put about a dime sized amount of moroccanoil on my ends and put the remainder through the rest of my hair. Then, I take about a dime size of 'Plump For Joy' and 'Beach Babe' and scrunch it into my hair starting from the ends and working towards the roots. I think the texturizing cream is the most important product because my hair has absolutely no texture. This cream adds texture without making your hair crunchy or sticky. After putting all the product in, I brush through my hair and blow dry with a round brush! 
After I applied products and before I blow dried:)

To add the wave I use a straightener. Basically I take small pieces and twist my wrist to get the curl. To make it so its less of a curl and more of a natural wave, don't clamp down very hard and don't really curl the end (or at least all the ends)

After doing that to my whole head I add some more texture cream by scrunching it through my hair. Then, I spray all over with hair spray and I'm done!

Finished product! 

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