Monday, July 14, 2014

Scalloped Dress + Field Jacket.

Two of the most coveted J. Crew pieces recently. Scalloped dress + field jacket. Perfect combination in my opinion! I love how versatile these two pieces are (totally worth the money and the scalloped dress is now on sale!!!) Shelly, from thesouthershell, and I did a collaboration with our scalloped dresses since this dress is so very loved in the Instagram and blogging community. Thanks again Shelly for doing this collaboration with me! Be sure to check out her blog here & her instagram here!

Everything about this dress is to die for. First of all, the colors we have are my favorite. Coral and citron yellow are perfect for summer! I love how the citron yellow really can look good on anyone! Whoever said blondes can't wear yellow obviously hadn't seen this color ;). The fit is universally flattering as well making it even more perfect! Another thing I love about this dress is the ability to dress it up or down! Believe it or not I actually wore this dress to prom this year and I LOVED it!! I love this dress so much I even included it in my Summer Must Haves blog post earlier (read here).
 Thanks for reading! 
Until next time.... Brianna


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