Monday, July 7, 2014

Gingham + Denim

Ahhhh! My first ever blog post! I am so so so excited that I finally made one (it took wayyyyy too long!!) I don't have a fancy camera so I will just be using my iPhone. I also am very challenged when it comes to blog stuff so just hang in there until I get better! Anywayyyy, today I am wearing the J. Crew Factory "Perfect Shirt" (it really is perfect by the way) with J. Crew Factory white denim shorts that I loveeee! These are four inch inseam which for me is perfect! Abby and I have been trying to do a collab for a while and I am so glad we finally did this "Navy and Pink" collab! We didn't try and match, but our outfits ended up going together very well! Be sure to check out her blog post HERE. I hope you guys enjoy this blog and I am excited to get it going! Thanks for reading.

Shirt: (Here)
Shorts: (Here)
Monogram Necklace: (Here)
Hat: (Here)


  1. Great first post! I can't wait to see more! I love your style and your Insta!
    Check out my blog!

  2. Loved your first post! I have to get that block monogram necklace, I've been looking for an affordable site to get one!!

    1. Thanks so much! Moon and Lola is awesome! :) glad i could help!